Why eat by chance When you can eat by choice?

I don’t usually write reviews, but I felt that I had to write this one. I was referred to the Southeast Clinical Nutrition Center because of my renal failure. I was one step away from being on dialysis. Angelo worked closely with my kidney doctor and reviewed all aspects of my blood report. Not only were my kidneys an issue, but my COPD and heart had issues as well. After following the plan designed for me, my kidney function went from a stage 4 to stable. My nutrition built up my system to the point that I show no signs of COPD or Cardiovascular issues (which are not curable). I’m living a better life, and still enjoy eating the foods I love but only in a healthier way.

Dorothy O.
Decatur, Ga

Two years ago I had an appointment with my primary care physician. It was at this appointment I learned that my A1C level was approaching the pre-diabetic stage.  I knew I had to do something, so I searched for nutritionists in Atlanta and found Angelo and the Southeast team. Ultimately one of the best days of my life.  In my initial appointment, we discussed my eating habits, talked about my short and long term goals, how we could tackle my need to lose weight and lower my A1C.
Since that time, I’ve been journaling the foods I eat. This is extremely important because you don’t realize everything you’re eating or the times of day you’re eating it until it’s in black and white. Working with Angelo has helped me learn about the science of food, how it’s processed in your body and the importance of eating meals throughout the day at the right times. I consciously read food labels, consider the carb to fiber percentages, select lean meats, whole grains and snacks that are healthy. Yes, you can eat snacks.
Angelo provides the education you need to make life changes and he provides support and encouragement. I’ve fallen off the wagon a few times and he quickly helped me get back on. Over an eight month period I lost 60 lbs; going from 235-175. Who knew this was even possible. My A1C is lower and the way I think about food has changed forever. It feels great to be in control of my health and to be four dress sizes smaller!!!!!!

Adria W.
Atlanta, GA

I sought Mr. Capozzoli’s help because at age 67 I weighed 206 pounds, I am only 5’3″. My doctor had just told me I had Type 2 Diabetes. Mr. Capozzoli helped me to lose over 60 pounds. I feel better and have more energy than I’ve had in years. The big bonus from the weight loss is that I no longer need blood pressure meds. I appreciate all the help Mr. Capozzoli has given me. I could not have done it without him.

Susan C.
Lithonia, GA.

Jonelle was 14 years old when she first came to see me and weighed 245 lbs. At the time this was written, 13 months later, she weighed in at 153 lbs and is now only 18 lbs away from her goal.

The first time I came to you I was honestly, very against it. I just thought you were gonna tell me the exact same things that any other doctor I had would tell me. But after our first meeting together you opened my eyes. You showed me how losing weight could help solve all my current and possible health problems. So I took the advice you gave me to heart. I started eating protein and fiber and cutting down on how much food I ate. I even started going to the gym as much as I could. I’ve even been helping my mom lose some weight. In just about a month I started losing weight and tons of people began to notice and before I knew it, I lost a ton of weight. Now a days I still haven’t met my goal, but I’m close. However, sometimes I do end up cheating and having a little fat in my diet. But in the end I’ve made a ton of progress and I’m still continuing to make more progress and it is thanks to your advice.

Thanks for the help,
Jonelle U.
Grayson, GA

A year ago I was suddenly diagnosed with Level IV CKD. My GFR was 17.8. I researched renal dietitians in Atlanta and fortunately selected Angelo Capozzoli at Southeast Nutrition. He helped me to understand my disease and to find I could improve with the right diet plan. In 6 months my GFR has gone from 17.8 to 21.3. I am so thankful for his advice and his caring.

Barbara C.

Angelo taught me things about food that I thought I knew, but really had no idea. His program is educational and gives you empowerment to make better choices. His willingness to come to my workplace and conduct a seminar shows just how dedicated he is to his work and keeping people healthy.

Atlanta, GA

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