Nutrition Education

Nutrition Education

Why eat by chance When you can eat by choice?

Unlike Medical Nutrition Therapy, nutrition education does not incorporate the Nutrition Care Process.  It is simply the dissemination of information with no assessment or goal setting.  We are happy to do lunch and learn presentations for company employees or attend a company or public health fair.   Because some of our clients are basically healthy and just want information on healthy eating which is generally not covered by insurance, we offer them competitively priced packages.

Corporate Nutrition Education Classes
A sample of our one hour classes include, but are not limited to:

  • Eating on the Run
  • Meal Planning 101
  • Eating for Your Metabolism
  • Deciphering Food Fact from Fiction
  • Reading Food Labels

We are now accepting appointments for telemedicine, also known as telehealth.

Please call 678-527-0800, option 1, to schedule an appointment.