Don’t Diet. Lose IT!

Don’t Diet. Lose IT!

Why eat by chance When you can eat by choice?

Under healthcare reform, obesity has been targeted as a condition under U.S. Preventive Services Taskforce recommendations, in which treatment is covered with no copay or deductible.  Although some policies exclude or limit the coverage, with private insurance, the benefit is often covered 100%.  The reason?  Obesity leads to chronic conditions such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure (hypertension) and high cholesterol (hyperlipidemia).  Such conditions can further lead to cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease, amputations, blindness, dialysis, heart attacks, strokes and on and on and on……..  That being said, I ask:

Do you have enough diet books to make the four legs of a coffee table? Is your pantry or freezer full of prepared meals from weight loss programs that didn’t work? Ever wonder why you start diets, but never achieve the results you want?

Are you about to give up? Don’t . . . that is, Don’t diet. Lose IT!® for once and for all.

Developed, implemented and supervised by registered dietitians, this is weight management at its best, where it belongs . . . in a medical setting!

Unlike weight loss programs with a cookie cutter diet approach, Don’t diet. Lose IT!® food plans are customized and revised as needed to suit each person’s needs as they change. Participants have the continued support of a registered dietitian.

Patients learn to think about what they want to eat and enjoy it because there are NO FORBIDDEN FOODS! This program helps each participant make lifestyles changes for lifelong success. They are able to lose weight safely, and achieve lifelong behavior and lifestyle changes to achieve permanent success.

Don’t diet. Lose IT!® is a six-month program with 12-week renewal options and is competitively priced with popular commercial weight loss programs for patients without insurance coverage for weight management.

Our approach to weight management takes into account each patient’s preferences, body composition and medical condition. We focus on insulin resistance and devise a plan based on patient feedback and needs. Our use of evidence based nutrition practices to accomplish this is a standard to which we will always adhere.

We are now accepting appointments for telemedicine, also known as telehealth.

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